Anirudh Suresh

15 years of experience

Anirudh Suresh is a 1st Generation Corporate Lawyer with expertise in corporate and commercial litigation. His success story was recently featured on ..

Hash Legal

Established in 2017

We are a research and strategy-driven law firm that specialises in providing innovative and strategic legal advice to tech startups, including web 3.0..

Vasagi R

5 years of experience

Ms.Vasagi is a trailblazing first-generation advocate, whose legal journey began amidst the intricacies of civil disputes, family matters, and the eve..

Anirudh Krishnan

20 years of experience

“Anirudh Krishnan of AK Law Chambers is widely viewed as a prominent figure in the market, with commentators describing him as “technicall..

Goda Raghavan

15 years of experience

Goda heads the Corporate-Commercial vertical at AK Law Chambers. She specializes in private equity, venture capital, mergers & acquisitions a..

Nishanth Nandagopal

5 years of experience

Nishanth Nandagopal is an accomplished attorney specialising in litigation and dispute resolution. Having worked at several prominent law firms, he ha..

Aarna Law

Established in 2013

Aarna Law assists states, companies and high net /worth individuals on complex disputes relating to decarbonisation and digitalisation. Our award winn..

Bisani Legal

Established in 2013

Bisani Legal is a full-service law firm where we cater to individual attention to every requirement of a client. In the technology dominant age, there..

Saket Bisani

8 years of experience

Mr. Saket Bisani, the visionary behind Bisani Legal, is a highly esteemed and accomplished lawyer in Bengaluru with a passion for delivering exception..

Maya Law

Established in 2023

Maya Law is a full-service law firm founded by Partners Nishanth Nandagopal and Danesh Homyar Gardin, serving the legal needs of individuals and busin..

A.L. Sadekar Law Chambers

Established in 2022

A. L. SADEKAR LAW CHAMBERS is a value-based Indian law firm known for high levels of professionalism in law practice, offering legal services in Banga..

Grayarc Legal

Established in 2022

GRAYARC LEGAL provides strategic legal services to clients across a broad range of practice areas. A commitment to providing the highest quality of le..

Ankeeta Sadekar

5 years of experience

Ms. Ankeeta Sadekar, the driving force behind A. L. SADEKAR LAW CHAMBERS, commenced her legal journey with a LL.B degree from V. M Salgaocar’s C..

Anirudh Associates

Established in 2021

Anirudh Associates is a full-service pan-Indian Corporate Law firm. The firm comprises a team of lawyers, Company Secretaries and paralegals across th..

Danesh Homyar Gardin​

5 years of experience

Danesh Homyar Gardin is an accomplished corporate attorney with expertise in domestic and cross-border transactions. He is recognised for his ability ..