Nyaya Niti

Established in 2021

Nyaya Niti is a full service and interdisciplinary Law Firm, headquartered at Pune. We support our clients with domain-specific legal expertise, vast ..

Rishika Nagpal

4 years of experience

Rishika Nagpal is a co-Founder at the firm. Independent Legal Practitioner, primarily dealing in criminal, matrimonial and commercial litigations as w..

Royzz & Co.

Established in 1997

ROYZZ & CO. represents the next generation technology-driven law firms, wherein our lawyers are either engineers or scientists. Based on the fact ..

Das Legal Advocates

Established in 2014

Welcome to our esteemed legal firm where profound intellect intertwines with the intricate tapestry of jurisprudence. We are a law firm of unmatched e..

Sohan Patil

1 years of experience

Passionate Advocate enrolled under Delhi Bar Council, dedicated to delivering impactful legal solutions in the realm of civil and commercial litigatio..

Meraki Legal

Established in 2018

Meraki Legal to be a trailblazing and esteemed legal institution that champions justice, empowers individuals and businesses, and shapes a fair and eq..

SG Law Plus

Established in 2001

Founded at the initiative of Mr. G.N. Sahewalla, Senior Advocate in May, 2001, the firm capitalizes the intellectual abilities of the associate to bri..

Ajay Basutkar

15 years of experience

Ajay Basutkar is a skilled lawyer and advocate enrolled with the Bar Council of Maharashtra & Goa. With a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Scie..

Rishika Nagpal & Associates

Established in 2022

RISHIKA NAGPAL AND ASSOCIATES (RNA) is a New Delhi Based Law firm having a team of Legal practitioners and consultants. Providing resolutions pertaini..

Prem Kumar R. Pandey

18 years of experience

He is enrolled as an Advocate with Bar Council of Maharashtra & Goa and in his initial days he was associated with reputed namely S.K. Legal &..

Jaspal & Associates

Established in 2020

Jaspal & Associates is an established law firm of India based in Gurgaon . We have experienced associate lawyers. We have our offices in Gurgaon(H..

Dhwani Mehta

10 years of experience

Dhwani Mehta is a qualified B.L.S. L L.B. degree holder and a member of Bar Council of Maharashtra & Goa. She has over 10 years of experience in t..

Gopal Kumar

5 years of experience

With a steadfast commitment to upholding justice and advocating for the rights of my clients, I am Advocate Gopal Kumar. I specialize in providing str..

Victor Moses & Co.

Established in 1930

Since we came into existence in 1930, we have served the community as Solicitors, Advocates, Trademark Attorneys and Notaries. Honesty, Professionalis..

Anoop Prakash Awasthi

12 years of experience

Anoop Prakash Awasthi is a 1st generation, self-made lawyer and has the versatile distinction of being an Advocate-on-Record of the Hon’ble Supr..