Vidhik Nyay Partners

Established in 2017

Pawan Prakash Pathak, an eminent figure in the legal fraternity, is the driving force behind the Law Chamber of Pawan Prakash Pathak. With an unwaveri..

Meraki Legal

Established in 2018

Meraki Legal to be a trailblazing and esteemed legal institution that champions justice, empowers individuals and businesses, and shapes a fair and eq..

The Law Codes

Established in 1984

The Law Codes is a renowned law firm in Chandigarh – Tricity, Punjab & Haryana, and Gurgaon – NCR. Our team of top lawyers has extensi..

J. Priyadarshni

years of experience

Ms. J.Priyadarshni completed her B.B.A LL.B from Bharati Vidyapeeth's New Law College, Pune, Maharashtra. She holds a Diploma in Corporate Law fro..

Smartha Legal

Established in 2021

Smartha Legal is dedicated to providing affordable and quality legal services. Our motive is to provide cost-effective and high-quality legal services..

Vasagi R

5 years of experience

Ms.Vasagi is a trailblazing first-generation advocate, whose legal journey began amidst the intricacies of civil disputes, family matters, and the eve..


2 years of experience

Vasudha is a well-rounded advocate who earned her law degree from Delhi and has been practicing at various courts of law, including but not limited to..

Prodigy Legal

Established in 2009

Prodigy Legal is serving counsel to dozens of businesses and bring onboard diverse and innovative legal and non-legal solutions. We have dec..

Aabhas Pareek

13 years of experience

B.A. / LL.B (National Law University, Odisha) Member (MCIArb.), Chartered Institute of Arbitrators Advocate, India (Supreme Court and various H..

Urvashi Pol

5 years of experience

In the dynamic landscape of corporate law in India, Ms. Urvashi Pol stands out as a legal professional, renowned for her expertise and astute understa..

Royzz & Co.

Established in 1997

ROYZZ & CO. represents the next generation technology-driven law firms, wherein our lawyers are either engineers or scientists. Based on the fact ..

Sanju Kumar

23 years of experience

Sanju Kumar, with an illustrious career spanning more than 23 years, has garnered a wealth of legal expertise within the industry. Navigating the comp..

Pallavi Parmar

23 years of experience

Adv. Pallavi Parmar is the Founding Partner at Lex Confiance India LLP, where she along with her professional team of Advocates, having more than two ..

Misha Rohatgi Mohta

15 years of experience

Misha Rohatgi Mohta is a distinguished Supreme Court Advocate-on-Record, with experience handling high stakes commercial and constitutional matters be..

N N Legal Partners

Established in 2018

NN Legal Partners is a top law firm committed to providing the best litigation , advisory and consultancy services to the clients in legal and corpora..